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Printable Self-Care Tracker - Make self-care a priority

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Make tracking your self-care routines fun with these beautifully designed printables. Save them as a keepsake to see how far you’ve come.

Start making self-care a priority in your life with this printable self-care planner. This bundle consists of:

Printable mood tracker

This printable mood tracker with colour-in gemstones will make mood tracking fun! Why track your moods? You will be able to identify the triggers that affect your mood. What lifts you up and brings you down? Use this mood tracker together with your journal so you can correlate your moods with what you did each day.

Printable habit tracker

Want a general habit tracker that will track all your everyday habits? Write or type in your habits every month and check them off. Small steps are the key to reaching big goals. You’re on your way to reaching those big goals!

Printable wellness tracker

Started a new diet or fitness plan? Keep track with your weekly wellness habits with this printable wellness tracker. Remember to drink your vitamins, 8 glasses of water, eat well, exercise and have some time for yourself.

Printable savings tracker

Save for something that will make you happy. Perhaps a trip to your dream destination…? Treat yourself with something special because you deserve it! Each month, write down what you’ve saved and you’ll be motivated to fill up that saving jar.

Printable sleep tracker

How many of hours do you need each night? This printable sleep tracker will help you track your sleeping habits and see if you’re getting enough sleep and how you can improve.

Printable beauty routine tracker

Let’s be honest – it can be easy to forget to put on that face mask 3 times a week. When was the last time I used it? Ever since I started tracking this, I know when I need to put it on again. My skin is thanking me!

This printable beauty routine tracker can be used to track and remember your skincare or hair care routine. If you started a new routine, it’s easy to forget the steps. With this handy tracker, that won’t be the issue.


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    How to print this printable self-care planner

    1. Download the PDF files after purchase. An email will be sent to you with download links
    2. Open the PDF files in Adobe Reader (it won't work in any other program!)
    3. Print out the planner pages on at least 100 gsm paper. Printing instructions are included.
    4. File it in your binder

    Please note:

    • This item is for personal use only. May not be sold in any form.
    • Colours will look slightly different when printed.
    • Artwork is locked and cannot be edited in a graphics program.
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    Buy this bundle now and start making self-care a priority in your life. You deserve it!


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