carmia jordaanIntroduction

Hello and welcome to my online shop! I’m so honoured that you are visiting my site today. My name is Carmia and I’m the graphic designer and owner of Clementine Creative.

With this shop I aim to make your life easier and fill your home with beauty.

As you may have noticed, I create planners for a living. But my philosophy around planners is different. I don't believe in getting up at 5 am to power through your to-do list like a madwoman. We are not robots. We are humans with careers, school, children, and pets. Life isn't about ticking things off your to-do list. My planners are designed to help you make life more purposeful, exciting, and beautiful.  

Why do I create?

As a graphic designer I am obsessed with making things that can be printed. Ever since I saw a TV commercial as a child about a colour photocopying machine, I was fascinated. Funny, but true.

All I wanted to do was create pictures and get them printed. And that’s what I’m doing today! Being creative fills me with joy and I hope to send a bit of that joy your way through my designs.


carmia jordaan

More about me

carmia jordaan

Hello, my name is Carmia Jordaan and I'm the owner and designer of Clementine Creative. I am a qualified graphic designer that started my printables business in 2011. I live in Riversdale, South Africa with my husband and hyperactive ginger cat, Cheddar.

Just a few words to describe me

  • I'm a 35 year-old graphic designer and child of God
  • my first language is Afrikaans (it's language that originated from Dutch)
  • animal lover
  • love to decorate my home
  • fascinated with forests
  • hand lettering artist
  • tea drinker
  • introvert (INFJ)
  • watercolour enthusiast


You can find my trendy printable wall art on Etsy